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Simple Self-Care Tips To Try At Home

Stressed out? Ansty? Starting to get a little cabin fever? Trust me you’re not alone - everyone around you probably feels the same way too. With everyone cooped up at home, tensions can sometimes run high and so it’s especially important to remember to take a deep breath and relax. Self-care is more important than ever and we shouldn’t feel guilty for doing it from time to time!

When thinking about self-care oftentimes big activities come to mind but that doesn’t have to be the case. Anything that you do which helps with your mental, physical, and yes even emotional health counts as self-care so something as simple as using your favorite candle is considered as self-care if it does any of the above.

Nowadays with everyone working from home, things can be a little more stressful as your place of relaxation has now also turned into your permanent workspace (at least for now). To help to differentiate between work time and relaxation time, try burning a nicely scented candle to help change the mood of your home! It might also help you to destress and promote calmness.

After all, studies have shown that scents do have an effect on our moods so why not try this out? And if you’re looking for some new candles, give Hush Candles a try!

They are hand-poured, made in Singapore, and scented with plant-based, all-natural essential oils. If candles are not your thing, Hush Candles also has a line of room sprays and essential oil roll-ons available for you.

Sometimes taking a power nap can boost our concentration and improve our work performance. If you’re starting to doze off or your eyes are starting to get tired off looking at that computer screen, maybe it’s time for a quick, power nap. Souf’s lavender pillow will help you to relax and fall asleep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated once you wake up.

Some of the benefits of lavender include relief from restlessness and disturbed sleep. And don’t forget about the calming lavender scent to lower anxiety and stress levels!

Our days may seem like a whirlwind of work and not much of anything else but it is important to factor in time for a bit of exercise every day. Not only does exercising have its obvious health benefits, but it also helps us with our moods and stress levels since exercising releases chemicals known as endorphins that trigger positive feelings in us.

If you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated, try to start small, maybe do it for 15 minutes then slowly build it up to 30 minutes and so forth. Remember every small action counts and something is always better than nothing! Here are some YouTube exercise videos for you to try out!

After a good workout, the thing you’d probably want to do most is to have a shower. Luckily having a shower is another good way to destress and give yourself a treat! Too often we treat having a shower like being part of an assembly line, get in and get out. But just taking a few minutes longer to pamper yourself can make a difference in uplifting your mood.

Pair Byiroiro’s exfoliating bath mitt with Zuii Organic Flora Moisturising Body Wash for a good scrub. The body mitt is handmade with the softest organic eco-cotton yarn and will not irritate your skin so it is suitable for those with sensitive/eczema skin or use on babies/kids! It is worth noting that Zuii Organic body wash can not only be used as a body wash but also a shampoo and facial cleanser!

With the circuit breaker going on, visiting nail salons is out of the question but that doesn’t mean that you have to go on without having your nails done. You can still do them yourself at home and experiment with different colors and designs by using Sha & Sha’s peel-off nail polish. It also makes a good bonding activity with your mom/sister/daughter!

Since everyone is stuck at home and we’ve been seeing more of each other than we probably have in a long time, self-care also includes spending quality time with the family. It could be as simple as enjoying a good movie on Netflix with the family or cooking up meals together in the kitchen.

Take this opportunity to heal and set aside some self-care activities for yourself and the family. In these difficult times, there is all the more reason to show that we care, appreciate, and care for one another!