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What is clean beauty and why it is not another trend

The clean beauty movement is quickly becoming a staple in the beauty industry with consumers being more selective with the products they use. But what exactly does the term ‘clean beauty’ mean and why is it gaining so much prominence among beauty consumers?

A simple Google search will show that there are MANY definitions for what constitutes clean beauty with different brands and retailers coming up with their own individualized definition. The lack of a definitive definition can be attributed to the fact that there is often little regulation or differing regulations when it comes to beauty products depending on individual countries or regulators.

The result: companies and retailers coming up with their own definitions. As a general rule of thumb, however, clean beauty dictates that products must be safe and free of harsh or toxic chemicals.

Commonly excluded chemicals or substances in clean beauty products are parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oils sourced from petroleum, and other nasties!

As more awareness is raised among consumers about this movement, an increasing number of them are choosing to be more selective in their choice of products, closely scrutinizing listed ingredients. Imagine unknowingly using a product that contains ingredients that have links to certain cancers!

In addition, clean beauty options are preferred not only for our well-being but oftentimes for the well-being of animals, other people, and the environment as well (ethical sourcing anybody?).

As responsible consumers, we should educate ourselves on issues in the beauty industry like ethical sourcing because we have the ability to make brands and retailers work in an ethical and sustainable manner.

We believe that with all these factors in mind, clean beauty is not just another trending fad in the beauty industry but one that is here to stay and grow and have its presence increasingly heard and also impact the future of beauty.

And how do we know a product is clean? Keep a lookout for those that are labeled as organic, vegan, or halal-certified while purchasing products! And here at The Min List, we make it easier for you to shop for your clean beauty supplies!

Our brands, both local and international are curated to ensure that they fall under at least one category - organic, vegan and halal-certified. And almost all of them fall in at least two categories.

If you haven't make the switch to clean beauty, it's not too late to start now with us!