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Khalta Abaya Perfume - 50ml

Looking for a long lasting scent? Khalta Abaya's collection of water-based and alcohol-free perfume range will uplift your mood instantly and leave a lasting impression. The perfume has a long lasting scent of up to 24 hours. Available in four different fragrances: Khadija, Fatima, Sultan and Aisha.

Khadija - A sweet blend of arabian oud with a touch of saffron.

Fatima - An intense flowery scent with notes of chocolatey saffron.

Sultan - A light, sweet scent of pure saffron.

Aisha - An intense blend of light arabian oud and saffron with notes of rose.


Ingredients: Fragrance, Distilled Water, Solubilizer

Made in U.A.E

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