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Spruce up your home for Hari Raya under $40

Hari Raya is just around the corner and although it may be a very different Raya ahead, we think that the festive/celebratory feeling should still be there! So we’ve come up with a few tips to help you! 

Here are some ways to spruce up your home for Hari Raya for under $40!

A nice scent can go a long way into helping you and your family get into a happy festive mood. After all, studies have shown that scents do have an effect on our moods. With a wide variety of scents ($18 each), make Hush candles your choice this Hari Raya.

If diffusers are more of your thing, look out for Mesmerised Lifestyle’s reed diffusers instead! We’d recommend placing these in the bathrooms to give it a more elegant, upgraded feel for this special occasion. ($35 each)

Wondering how you can freshen up your curtains, sofa and even bedsheets? Try spraying a room spray or air freshener directly onto them rather than just into the air. The scent will actually last and linger longer! Check out the Hush Candle range of room sprays ($18 each).

Just like having nice scents in your house can do wonders in helping you and your family get into the festive mood, so can using an amazing scented body wash! With its nice scent and aesthetically pleasing clean packaging, what's not to love about Tangent GC range of body washes ($38 each).

If your countertop/sink area is looking a little bare, why not add a soap bar from Tangent GC range which comes in a variety of scents ($18 each). Being a Swedish brand, Tangent GC clean design will add that extra oomph factor for your bathroom selfie ;)

The festive season is never complete without the glorious, yummy food! With all that cooking going on, it would be nice to freshen up the kitchen after all the cooking is done. Diffusing essential oils are another great option to try out for the job. We’d recommend trying out Ollie for your essential oils' needs!

Tip: if you’d rather DIY your own diffuser, try this recipe out.

Mix in your diffuser 3 drops of lemon oil, 2 drops of Himalayan lavender oil and 1 drop of Mysore sandalwood oil.And you will get a refreshing scent for your home!

Sprucing up your space doesn't need to take a lot of time and money. Try out these options to light up the festive mood!