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Make the Switch to Zero Waste Beauty

Looking to reduce your waste footprint in 2021? Why not start by switching to zero/low waste beauty options? Let us help you with our quick guide! 🌏♻️⁠


🌿 Swap your makeup wipes and cotton pads for reusable cotton ones by Bareface. ⁠

🌳 Exfoliating with a Byiroiro bath mitt is a good alternative to body scrubs if you ran out of them!⁠

🌸 Nablus Olive Oil soaps are not just free from synthetic perfumes and preservatives, these soap bars also take up lesser space in the bathroom compared to traditional plastic body wash bottles.⁠

🌻 Stay dry and fresh with package-free deodorants by Smood.⁠

🍃 Get supple lips with Rdytoglow delicious lip balms packaged in a plastic-free portable, lightweight kraft tube.⁠

🍁 Treat your tresses with Oasis Skin solid shampoos. Crafted with organic and natural ingredients, these solid bars lather very well and they last for a lot more washes as a little goes a long way!⁠

🌷 Washable and reusable sanitary pads by Hannahpad are not just eco-friendly, its 100% organic cotton top layer makes it comfortable to wear. ⁠

🌱 Made with medical-grade silicon, Freedom Cup is long-lasting, reusable, and leak-free so that you can still stay active during your period!⁠

🌹 Don't throw away empty shampoo and body wash bottles. Opt for refill packs such as those from The Verdant Lab or bring your bottles to get them refilled at our refillery section!