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Lana Mohammad: An Inspiring Mumpreneur

The term 'Mumpreneurs' has been trending in the recent years. With the advent of new technology and social media tools, we have seen a rise in opportunities which allow mums to start their own businesses. The flexibility of working from home and better time management allows mumpreneurs to juggle motherhood and also work on something they are passionate about.

Having worked in field of social work revolving mostly women and women's issues, it is no surprise that our next brand owner started her own beauty brand. Started in 2009, Saffron & Rose offers a line of chemical-free, natural products based on the philosophy 'Return to Purity'.

In celebration of International Women's Day 2018, we interviewed Lana to learn more about her and the story behind Saffron & Rose. Read on the interview below.

The Min List: What inspires you to start Saffron & Rose?

I never used chemical based skin care in my life and have always felt strongly that nature gives us everything we need. When I first stumbled upon my soap supplier/manufacturer I fell in love with the range of fruits, flowers, herbs and spices and felt this was an excellent range of products to start a brand. They are traditional and natural and therefore embody our philosophy of a 'Return to Purity'. All of the products in our range that followed until now are in line with this.

The Min List: What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty for me is a light that emanates from ones heart. It is also genuine and authentic love for oneself and being comfortable in ones own skin. And using the gifts of nature to compliment all of that.

The Min List: Saffron & Rose carries a range of product, which product would you recommend to someone who's new to your brand?

I would choose Rose Water. It's the go to product that will cover all bases if you don't have time for what's typically done before and after toning. It will has some cleansing and moisturising properties and SO many more benefits for the skin. And it only takes a few seconds to splash on!

The Min List: Since you are a busy mum, what kind of skincare routine do you practice?

I have to keep my routine as simple as possible. I use my soap in the shower so that takes care of the cleansing. The minimal after that would be a splash of rose water and when I do have time I'll moisturise with one of my good oils, either Argan, Barbary Fig or Apricot Kernel. And, once in a while I'll do a much needed deep clean with one of our clay masks.

The Min List: Having been in business since 2009, do you have any advice to other mompreneurs or mums who are considering to start their own business?

Use your creative talents and don't hold back from earning your own income. Just be wise with balancing your responsibilities and don't be afraid to prioritise whatever is more important.

We hope Lana's story has inspired fellow mumpreneurs and mummies who are considering to start their home business! We also hope you have enjoyed our interview series with the faces behind the brands we carry.

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P.s: If you are interested to purchase Saffron & Rose's range of products, click on this link to shop now!