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5 Halal Skin care and Beauty Essentials to keep yourself clean, smelling fresh and solat-ready for Ramadan

Ramadan is approaching in two days. If we are busy juggling work to-dos, deadlines and duties at home, the days seem to slip by very quickly.So how do we keep ourselves clean and smelling fresh whilst rushing for deadlines, meeting clients and juggling our family’s needs?

“Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.” (Surah al-Baqarah, verse 222).

During Ramadan...

✔ We pray 5 times a day.

✔ We abstain from food and drink for over 12 hours

✔ Abstain from gossip, envy and greed for 30 days.

However, let’s not forget to keep our bodies clean and pure as much as possible. (Easier said than done when we have busy lifestyles!) Thus, we’ve made it easier for you to keep your hygiene levels high with halal skin care and beauty essentials. So that you can be solat-ready anytime, anywhere!

These 5 halal skin care and beauty must-haves will help keep you clean from top to toe, smelling fresh and looking presentable all day, everyday.

1. Khalta Abaya Perfume (aka ‘Perfume for your Hijab’) - click link

We like Khalta Abaya’s hijab perfume a lot. In the current hot weather (33 degrees on some days!), we sweat a lot and this might cause our hijab to smell unpleasant without us realising it.

This water-based and alcohol-free perfume keeps you and your headscarf smelling wonderful all day even up to 24 hours! Think of it aseau de parfum for your hijab.

To lift your mood before prayers, spray this lovely water-based mist on yourtelekung (prayer garment) andsejadah (prayer mat). Nothing sets us in a good mood faster than a beautiful-smelling mist like this one.

There are 4 pleasant scents to suit your different moods! Take your pick from floral “Fatima”, sweet-smelling “Khadija”, saffron-scented “Sultan” or “Aisha”, which has a hint of rose.

Oh, it’s safe for prayers and wudu’, of course.

2. Orkid Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks (Look good all day with well-moisturised lips!) - click link

Our customerslove the long lastingLiquid lipsticks from Orkid Cosmetics. These lipsticks are lovingly made with well-being of animals in mind - they are both vegan and halal.

At times we need to sneak in 5 minutes to pray in the office or at the mosque. This lippie makes it easy - it’s wudu-friendly and solat-friendly to boot.

It has a matte high-fashion finish, lasts a long time on your lips and will not transfer onto your hijab or blouse. Dry and patchy lips will be a thing of the past as Vitamin E has been added to these liquid lippies(to moisturise your lips naturally).

You can now look energetic and fresh even if you spend (too) many hours in the office!

3. The Halal Cosmetics Company Luxury Organic Body Wash (Soften and cleanse your body with avocado oil-infused body wash) - click link


After a long, sweaty day at work, we want a nice long shower and also, nourish our skin. The Halal Cosmestics Company’s creamy body wash is made with avocado oil to keep your skin at its softest. It doesn’t contain all the nasty chemicals such as SLS and Parabens.

Our science-oriented Muslim sisters will be glad to know that Halal Cosco’s body wash is perfectly PH-balanced to ensure soft and supple skin all day. Doesn’t it give you peace of mind performing your prayers after a refreshing shower with a halal-certified body wash?

4. Momohime Peach Cleansing Gel (Removes makeup fast for convenient tarawih prayers) - click link

Removing your makeup should be fast and super easy - especially if you are doing your tarawih at the mosque. It has to be done in a fuss-free way - with halal cleansing gel, of course.

A 5-cm squirt of this Momohime Peach Cleansing Gel is enough to cleanse makeup off your entire face. (Even for our Muslim sisters with eyelash extensions)

This halal cleansing gel comes in a travel-size bottle (20ml) too. This should fit nicely even in your smallest handbag. No need to lug cleansing wipes, cotton pads or bulky bottles of makeup remover in your bag!

5. Momohime Peach Foaming Face Wash (Wash oil and dirt thoroughly from your face and feel fresh in an instant) - click link 

When lounging at home and your skin feels oily and grimy (no thanks to the hot weather), refresh yourself with Momohime’s peach-scented facial wash.

Its dense, light and fluffy foam will remove oil gently whilst leaving your skin bouncy and clean.Your skin will feel supple and the soft sweet scent of peaches will energise you.

Warning: The light, sweet scent of peaches will make you crave for peaches at iftar later in the day!

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Just out of curiousity, how do you keep yourself feeling fresh and alert during Ramadan every year? Share your helpful tips in the ‘Comments’ section below!