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Take A Breather Set

Untie the knots on your shoulders, relieve the tension and take five. Create tranquility in your space and feel relaxed and balanced.


The Salve Co. Tension Relief Salve

A strong, minty salve crafted to relieve tension headaches, its calm cooling effect helps you fight migraines, muscle cramps and nasal congestion.

Our expert blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus harnesses their anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and decongestant properties, relieving headaches, cramps and tension pains. Both essential oils have powerful cooling properties, bringing you much needed calm and reprieve.

Aroma: Minty-fresh, cool, with a citrusy middle note.

How to use: Apply to pulse points and gently massage in whilst practicing mindful breathing, when experiencing tension headaches and cramps.

Volume: 15g


A LA MAISON Hand Cream - Honeysuckle

Our Traditional French Formula has just been enhanced with the finest most delicate Argan Oil and pure Shea Butter. We use no SLS, Parabens or Phthalates to create the perfect moisturizing blend. Our specially formulated lotion is rich yet nonsticky and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Scent: Green / Watery / Floral

Like a rain droplet gliding down a green leaf, pushed by a bee into a blossoming honeysuckle flower panicles; with a slight hint of white lilac.

Volume: 150ml


Zuii Organic Botanical Mist - Calm

This aroma-therapeutic Botanical Calm Mist is guaranteed to create an atmosphere of tranquility around you, encouraging a surge of relaxation and peacefulness with each spritz. Prepare to let go of all those stressful emotions and say goodbye to an overactive state of mind, because this Calming Mist is here to have you feeling nothing but relaxed.

With a top note of sweet Jasmin, combined with complimentary bursts of fresh Geranium and Cypress, this sophisticated blend of essential oils is known for its sedative action and ability to promote inner-balance and calmness.

Reminiscent of a walk-through nature after the rain

Uses: Room spray, body spray, laundry spray, pillow spray, face mist


The Zuii Organic Botanical Love Mist is alcohol + chemical-free and scented with only the finest essential oils. No synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colourants and no nasty ingredients.

Volume :100ml