Ollie Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil

Ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon, as it is popularly known, originates from Sri Lanka. Dried inner bark of this tree is steam distilled or water distilled to produce oil. Unlike its more commonly available cousin Cassia, this species is contains very little naturally occuring coumarin.

Cinnamon bark oil is considered to be of the strongest natural antibacterial agents and it also has strong anti-clotting properties. It is also used as a stimulant and astringent.

Volume: 10ml

How to use:

This oil is widely used for its antiinflammatory and antimicrobial properties to help with coughs, colds, constipation and also control diabeties.

It is also often used in toothpastes to fight bad breath, or in topical applications to relieve skin infections, minor wounds, relieve stress,  and also protect against insects.  

You could dab a few drops on a piece of cloth to inhale from it. Or you could add some in your bath.

This oil can also be used as a flavouring agent in your cooking, to impart a cinnamony spicy flavour.

  • 2 drops of ceylon cinnamon bark oil
  • 2 drops of clove bud oil
  • 2 drops of ginger oil