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Oasis Skin Safflower Cleansing Oil

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Melt away the most stubborn of make-up and daily grime with this non-comedogenic cleansing oil made from organic cold-pressed Safflower seeds. Plus, it will leave behind a clean canvas for better absorption of your skincare products after!

This cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types, including acne and eczema-prone skin. It is also suitable for use directly over delicate areas such as lids, lashes and lips.

We have sourced for this special oil as an essential supplement for targeting your skin's unique needs. It is direct-from-farm, and 100% unrefined, cold-pressed and certified organic. Cold-pressed oils are made by extracting oil from seeds or nuts without adding chemicals or heat, and therefore tend to be safer for skin use. 

This facial oil does not contain any added fragrances nor essential oils, and is safe for use during pregnancy.



Skin type

All, including sensitive


Safflower oil is a light, naturally unscented and non-irritating plant-based oil that efficiently lifts make up (even waterproof lipstick, eye liner and mascara!) without drying out skin. This cleanser is also high in linoleic acid and contains calming properties for acne-prone skin. 

We recommend using this for double cleansing.

The safflower oil we have sourced is unrefined and cold-pressed on a farm in the South of France - a slow and natural process that allows the oil to retain all of its essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

    As a cleanser: Pump 3-4 times onto your fingertips and massage in a circular motion all over your face for 30 seconds. Follow the rest of your skincare routine with one more round of cleansing (Oil Cleansing Method!) using your usual facial cleanser.

    For a targeted removal of make-up: Pump 2-3 times directly onto a facial towel or cotton round. Lightly hold it against the intended area(s) and wait for a few seconds to allow the oil to dissolve the make up.* Gently wipe off after. 

    *While this is an ultra gentle oil, it can sting your eyes upon contact! Therefore, please exercise caution to avoid getting the oil into your eyes. If affected, please wash out with water. 

    Organic* Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Derived from coconut and glycerin).

    *Certified organic by EcoCert. 

    Product of Singapore