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Escential The Body Tonic - All Rounder Charcoal Face Mask

Give your skin a nourishment regime with Escential’s All Rounder Charcoal Face Mask. Harnessed with the goodness of activated charcoal, bentonite clay, oats flour, and tea tree oil, the ingredients work in harmony to balance deep cleansing skin and prevent acne, while nourishing it to leave you with clean and visibly refreshed skin.

Deep cleansing formulation to effectively reduce appearance of blackheads and whiteheads. Removes excess oil to effectively control excess sebum, impurities & unclog pores. Soothes dry & itchy skin and prevents acne breakouts.

✔️ Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay thoroughly cleanse and detox the skin by flushing out toxins, impurities, and excess oil, giving you soothing and radiant skin while preventing dryness.

✔️ Oat Flour is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that soothe the skin by reducing itchiness, dryness, and roughness. It also contains zinc that is known to kill acne-causing bacteria, hence preventing acne and pimples.

✔️ Tea Tree Oil promotes the skin’s healthy and natural glow. Rich in antiseptic properties, it also combats oily skin problems by absorbing excess oil.


Is activated charcoal safe for sensitive skin?

Activated charcoal does not cause any allergy to sensitive skin. It rather effectively soothes skin allergies, inflammation ad redness by neutralizing the toxins and removing impurities. We still recommend doing a patch test before application on the body to ensure there is no side-effect.

Does activated charcoal dry out the skin?

Activated charcoal surely removes the extra oil from skin pores but it also nourishes and hydrates the skin, without stripping off the essential oils. Moreover, Escential’s All Rounder Face Mask contains a good amount of kernel flour that ensures that your skin stays hydrated without losing its natural pH.

How many times should I use this face mask?

It is recommended to apply Escential’s All Rounder Face Mask once a week.

Can I store the excess mask for the next day?

Yes, you can store the excess mask mixture on the refrigerator for around 4-5 days. The efficacy of the product would not be hampered for the next use. We still recommend doing a patch test before application.

Carbon Activado (Activated Charcoal), Bentonite Clay, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil.

Step 1: Cleanse the face before applying the mask to prep the skin.

Step 2: Mix 1-2 tbs with a mixer of your choice to get a grainy consistency that is easy to spread on the skin. We recommend using milk, rose water, natural full-fat yogurt to mix with the mask. In addition, you can also include a pinch of turmeric, few drops of lemon juice, and/or honey.

Step 3: Apply evenly & leave for about 10-15 mins till it’s almost dry

Step 4: Moisten skin and gently scrub before washing


◾️ Natural ingredients can also be allergic. Patch test before application & discontinue if irritation occurs

◾️ Use once a week for effective results

◾️ We recommend using non-metallic utensils for mixing

Store in a cool & dry place with a properly closed lid to prevent moisture entry