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Momohime - Halal skincare from Japan

"Momo Hime" which means Peach Princess is a Japanese Halal-certified skincare brand with moisture-rich peach extracts and soothing peach aroma which promote healthy and natural beautiful skin.

The skincare line obtained its Halal certification from the Japan Islamic Trust so that Muslim women can use them as a part of daily skincare routine. All products are made in Japan, including packaging and ingredients. The production factory is certified with ISO9001 and GMP quality. 

Momohime received the Best Product Award in the 2016 Halal Expo in Moscow. It was the first time that a Japanese company and product has won a prestigious award in this category. Momohime products gained high evaluation by both Muslims and Non-Muslims. 

The current skincare line consists of face wash, lotion, gel cream, and face essence. There are plans in the future to expand the product lineup.


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