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Hair care in tropical climates: Moisturizing, nutrition and recovery

Living in a tropical climate like Singapore, we are blessed with sunny days almost 365 days a year. However, that also means our hair is exposed more often to the UV rays and due to the high level of humidity, we also tend to perspire more.

Hair consist of 10-15% water. Due to extensive exposure to heat, part of moisture vaporizes affecting the way hair looks. This can damage your hair, especially if the exposure is all year long.

When hair is exposed to prolonged heat, from either the sun or use of styling tools such as hair dryer and straightener, hair loses elasticity and its natural power and shine. Over time, it becomes dry, rough, frizzy and unmanageable. So, how do we care for our hair and return its natural strength and beauty?

  • Ensure protection from sun. Wear a headdress, hat or use sprays with UV-ray protection to prevent burning out and dryness.
  • Take a shower with normal water after swimming in seawater or a swimming pool.
  • Eat fruits and berries rich with vitamins and microelements. Also, eat more vegetables, include vitamin-mineral complexes in your diet, and drink lots of water! You will see how your skin, hair and nails will be grateful!
  • Minimize use of styling products such as hair dryer and hair straightener and let the hair rest once every few days.
  • Reduce use of products with aggressive chemical substances. The less aggressive the impact of shampoos and conditioner on your hair the better. Use only products which are based on natural components as it has an amazing moisturizing effect on your hair.
It is important to choose shampoos with more caution because increased sweating and other factors make you clean your hair more frequently. It’s better if the contents of hair care products have moisturizing components like extracts of fruit and herbs, vitamins and natural oils.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of oils in haircare especially in tropical climates. Oils can be applied on full length of the hair like a mask or only on the tips of the hair. Choose masks and conditioners with these components and also use oils on its own. The best are the olive, argan, walnut and grape seed oils.

Oils do two important functions in sustaining the hair beauty. Recovery and protection.

Another useful advice for haircare that can be noted:

  • Apply oils before using hair dryer and hair straightener or before going out into the sun. It will protect it from heat and UV rays. For example, argan oil works well as it can protect hair against heat damage.
  • Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot one. As for rinsing, it’s better to use cool or even cold water as it will close up the scales which make hair smooth.

AIS hair care line of product has taken into it all components provided by nature: essential oils, extracts of plants, herbs and fruit as well as unique peptide and lipid complexes. Instead of using ethanol or distilled water, artesian water is used, as it is rich with nutrients. In combination with other natural ingredients, artesian water has a healing effect and moisturizes hair. By using AIS range of shampoos, conditioners and masks, hair will become soft, manageable and increase volume.

Taking good care of your hair by following these simple steps will ensure strong and healthy hair. And always remember – your hair is your invisible crown!


*Credits to AIS Cosmetics for original content. Edited by The Min List.