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Oasis Skin Detox Mask

Ideal for deep cleansing oily and blemish-prone skin. Useful also as a spot treatment to dry out pimples and smoothen out complexion. 


20-25 portions of mask treatments


Product of Singapore


Clay: Montmorillonite and Illite Clay sourced from France

  • Suitable for normal to oily skins.
  • Detoxifies by pulling out all the toxins and impurities from deep within your pores
  • Tighten pores
  • Improves circulation
  • Smoothens out complexion
  • Adheres to French sustainable mining practices 

Beauty Booster: Activated Charcoal

  • Specially sourced activated vegetable charcoal that is extracted from coconut husks 
  • Reduces the effects of computer radiation on the skin
  • Adds vitality to dull complexions

Each jar contains around 20-25 portions of mask treatments.

Scoop 1-2 spoonfuls of mask powder out into a non-metal bowl and carefully add liquid to mix it into a paste. Gently wash it off after 1-2 minutes. Do not let the mask dry completely on your skin to avoid stripping it of moisture. Mist your face after to complete the treatment. 

For a deeper cleanse, add a bit of diluted apple cider vinegar and honey to the mask and watch your skin glow after! 

A slight flush might be expected after the treatment due to the toxins being pulled out. This should subside after a while.

Face: 1-2 scoops / Face + neck: 2-3 scoops / Spot treatment: 0.5 scoops
Once a week.

Montmorillonite Clay, Illite Clay, Organic Activated Charcoal (from coconut husk)