Kokuryu Summer Cake Powder

Kokuryu SUMMER CAKE with SPF 50++ (arabic powder / bedak arab)

Made using Japanese technology and non-comedogenic formulation that will not clog the pores. The Summer Cake is an all-in-one powder, foundation and moisturiser. It gives a velvet finish on the skin and also moisturizes and protects the skin with SPF 50++.

It can be used as a dry powder or as a wet foundation. No cakey look and each application lasts between 8 to 12 hours.

Suitable for all types of skin. Each powder comes with its own Kokuryu Beauty Sponge.

How to use

For dry use, apply powder on the face using Kokuryu Beauty Sponge.

For wet use, slightly wet Kokuryu Beauty Sponge with water and dab damp sponge onto the powder and apply on the face.