Clean Beauty Rookie

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New to clean beauty? Take the first step with the back to basics!

  • CHOBS Mask Pack
  • Handmade Heroes Coco-Friggin' Fantastic Lip Balm English Rose
  • Saffron & Rose Nablus Natural Olive Oil Soap

Hailing from the beauty mecca of Korea, CHOBS is the only Korean brand that has its masks certified vegan, organic and halal! Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients with no synthetic perfume, colorants, preservatives and chemical surfactants. Enjoy the power of nature and a smooth, glowing skin with organic mask packs!

Refreshing with peppermint and moisturising with virgin coconut oil, the Coco-Friggin' Fantastic lip balm both heals and softens your delicate lips. Keep this vegan, cruelty-free lip balm in your bag for well-moisturised lips anytime!

Made with pure olive oil in Palestine, this cruelty-free soap is made using a time-honoured recipe from the ancient city of Nablus and is free from synthetic perfumes and preservatives, and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

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