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Aren’t Face Mists Just Water?

Face mists continue to grow in popularity, but the misconceptions remain. Many believe that face mists are just overpriced bottles of water. Why buy them when you can get water from the dollar store?

Well, this article is written to bust some myths around face mists, and whether they are truly worth your money.

Face mists can be just water –

You’ve probably heard of thermal or mineral water mists. These are mists with literally just water in them, designed for a quick pick me up with a few liberal sprays.

Thermal mists can be detrimental to the skin if not used right. Hydrating ingredients or humectants and emollients (like Vitamin C) need to be present in your mists in order to bind the moisture to your skin. Otherwise, plain water alone will evaporate off your skin and make it even drier than before! (And we definitely don’t want that)

Vitamin C from oranges and lemons

If you’re looking to get the most out of the thermal mist you’ve already got, the best way to use it is to blot off the excess after spraying. Of course, this is not something to worry about when you’ve got your hands on new hydrating mists!

Face mists like the Makayla Collagen Mist contains ingredients that not only binds moisture but gives added protection and revitalization to the skin.

Different face mists have different ingredients in them that are concentrated to give you varying benefits. Once you have picked one that you like, it’s time to incorporate it into your daily routines!

1. Use it underneath your moisturiser

It’s highly recommended by dermatologists to apply moisturisers on damp skin so that it absorbs and locks in better. After cleansing, give your skin a thorough mist and apply your choice of moisturiser on top!

2. Achieve baby skin

To a get a plump, dewy look (like you’ve been at the beach all day!), mist your face for every layer of makeup you apply. Be careful not to make your face drip, rather you would want a saturated base.

3. Set your make-up and remove powdery finish

As the last step of your makeup routine, misting your face removes any chalky, powdery finish you get when you set your face with a finishing powder.

spray on face mist after applying makeup

In this case, you need to use a hydrating mist that is packed with emollients and also one that disperses the water in a  fine, even mist. You also want to ensure you don’t spray to close or your makeup will smear.

We recommend the Makayla Collagen Mist for your first bottle of face mist! Packed with botanicals like witch hazel and vitamin C, it hydrates and fights acne (among other benefits!) Get your first bottle of Makayla today!


*Credits to Makayla for original content.