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The Scent Therapy Gift Set

Discover the therapeutic power of scent with The Scent Therapy range of Essential Oil Roll-Ons and Room Mists. Put together the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones by mix and match 1 room mist and 1 roll-on!


  • Calming Retreat Essential Oil Roll-On helps to ease nasal congestion, rejuvenate your senses and keep you relaxed
  • Boost Clarity Essential Oil Roll-On will help boost productivity, clear your mind, and soothe headaches
  • Dream Slumber Essential Oil Roll-On stimulates tranquility and peace as you drift off to dreamland

Room Mist

  • Boost Clarity Room Mist will help soothe headaches, clear your mind and sharpen focus
  • Calming Retreat Room Mist promotes relaxation and revitalize your sense of well-being into your space
  • Dream Slumber Room Mist brings a calming atmosphere and lulls you into a peaceful sleep

Roll-on blends: 100% Natural with organic coconut oil and organic essential oils.

Room mists: 100% Natural with organic witch hazel and organic essential oils. Alcohol-free.

Volume: 10ml (roll-on blend) / 30ml (room mist)

For roll-ons: Apply on wrists, temples, or desired pulse points. Safe and suitable for pregnancy, nursing mothers, and children over one year; though it is always recommended to consult a doctor for advice.

For room mists: Spray around the room or onto linen directly.