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The Min List x Nail Deck Aquajellie

[Collab] The Min List x Nail Deck Aquajellie

In collaboration with Nail Deck, a special nail polish collection by The Min List. Inspired by nature and brand colours, our nail polish colours represent the lush greenery, the sea and the sun.

Forest Dream: Deep green inspired by the lush greenery

Oceanic Jade: A calming turquoise inspired the sea

Gold Dust: Dark yellow with gold glitter inspired by the sun rays


All about Nail Deck Aquajellie

Clean, odourless & peelable formula for a simple and safe manicure!

Smell it! Does not contain any chemicals that give off harmful and pungent smelling vapours like normal nail polish. Say goodbye to annoying headaches and irritated noses with this odourless formula.

Peel it! Peel-off formula so that you can avoid using nail polish remover (acetone) to clean it off, leaving your nails and surrounding skin healthier. 

Nourish it! Contains 0.05% Hyaluronic acid that is widely used in your everyday skincare routine. Hyaluronic contains moisture retaining properties, keeping your nails nourished and cuticles moisturised.

Polyurethane-1, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Propylene Glycol, Hyaluronic acid


Made in Singapore.