French Pink Clay Mask by Saffron & Rose

French Pink Clay Mask

Suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin. For exfoliating, detoxifying and sebum balancing.

French Yellow Clay Mask

Suitable for combination skin. For exfoliating, skin brightening and circulation boosting.

Aztec Clay Mask

Suitable for normal-oily & problem skin. For deep pore cleansing, detoxifying and healing.

Size: 100g

How to use:
Mix clay with equal parts raw apple cider vinegar and/or water. Stir mixture well until it is a smooth paste. Apply to dry face.

Let dry for 5-10 mins for delicate skin and 15-20 mins for normal skin. Remove clay by washing with warm water. Slight redness is normal.

Use once or twice a week.

*Avoid contact of clay with metal utensils. For external use only.