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Saffron and Rose Ithmid (Kohl)

The Ithmid (otherwise known as Kohl) is is a silvery dark grey stone, which is crushed into a very fine powder. This product is a pure mineral powder product, sourced from Morocco, where the best kind of Ithmid is found, due to its cold, dry temperament.

Dating back to the Bronze Age, the Ithmid has historically been used to beautify the eyes and also for eye health. Ibn Al Qayyim suggests that when used as a kohl, Ithmid, also helps reduce skin flap growing on the eyelid and relaxes eyestrain. It helps detoxify eye moisture and eases congestion in tear ducts. It also helps natural cleansing of the eyes and protects the eyes from dust particles floating in the air, and brightens one’s sight. It is recommended to apply before going to sleep 

The Ithmid is all-natural and will also make your lashes longer. With an intricately designed outer body, the Ithmid is easily carried around in your handbag since it is spill-free. The Ithmid does not require sharpening and protects the eyes from the sun, unlike conventional eyeliners. Even with frequent use, the Ithmid is an investment as it can last for up to two years. For Muslim users, the Ithmid need not be removed before taking ablution (wudhu).

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