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RRAW Olive Avocado Cleanser

10% off. Expiring March 2022.

An olive and avocado cleanser duo, catering to oily and acne prone skin. Olive is high in vitamin A, E & K that helps reduce oil production and boost fresh skin. Avocado for it's calming properties to aid in breakouts and flare outs. This gentle formula cleanses skin by helping to remove dirt, oil and makeup for a fresh, bright complexion.

Best if paired with:

Watermelon Toner

Herb Facial Serum in Oily / Acne.



Apply to wet skin and gently massage in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water. Follow up with a gentle toner. Finish with a moisturiser.

Aqua. Coconut Derived Surfactant. Avocado Oil. Olive Oil. Guava Scent. Himalayan Pink Salt. HLA. Sodium Benzoate.