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RRAW Normal/Combination Herb Facial Serum

Our Normal / Combination Herb Facial Serum is a highly nutritive, balancing and beautiful blend of precious oils for quality skin nourishment and improves elasticity.

Beneficial for normal and combination skin types. Combination meaning, oily, acne, dry and sensitive. Excellent for all skin types.

Works as a day or night, or day and night serum. Can also substitute for your moisturizer.



Made in the Philippines.

Using 2-5 drops of Normal Herb Facial Serum, apply onto your face in an upward motion while gently massaging. Day or night use or day and night use. Can substitute for your moisturizer.

Store in cool dark area.

*Remember, LESS IS MORE. Oil based facial serums are high in concentration, so you do not need a lot. Less is more.

Grapeseed Oil. Vitamin E Oil. Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender Buds.

*We do not use Coconut Oil in our Herb Facial Serums.