Mum's The Best gift set

This Mother's Day, gift mum with a self-care bundle to thank Mum for her hard work and unconditional love. Carefully curated with Mum's wellness in mind, we've put together 4 items in this gift set. 

1. Souf Lavender Pillow

Lovingly hand made with all natural fillings to provide mental and physical relief. Use these pillows as heat or cold therapy to relieve muscle aches, migraines and headaches, menstrual cramps, soothe stomach bloating or simply put over your eyes for a more restful sleep! It’s packed with natural goodness and suitable for everyone.

100% Cotton (Soft Cotton)
All natural and organic fillings
Removable covers

Choose between standard size and eye pillow:

Standard Size : 18cm x 8cm (+/- 1cm)

Eye Pillow : 18cm x 8cm (+/- 1cm)

Handmade in Singapore.

2. Knitknacker Wellness Blend - Ease Up

Naturally soothe tired joints and muscle aches with Ease Up. The blend uses Ginger oil (warming, reduces inflammation, heals infection, antioxidant), Eucalyptus oil (boosts immune system, improves circulation) and Lavender oil (calming, relaxing). Massage into affected area/muscle to relieve pain.

Volume - 10ml

Handmade in Singapore.

3. AIS Halal Deep Moisture Hand Cream

Every women dreams about beautiful hands but every day work, cold and heat can damage sensitive hand skin. Treat mum's tired hands with AIS hand cream. Using unique formula based on natural components, it moisturizes skin and relieves irritation without feeling of grease.

4. Hajira Handmade Pouch

Handmade using 100% Artist Designer Cotton Fabric and 100% Japanese Cotton, the pouch makes a perfect carrier for Mum to carry her self-care pack (lavender pillow, wellness blend and hand cream) to everywhere she go. 

Wash care: Machine washable. Hand wash is better for long lasting.

Dimension - 9"(w) x 5.5"(h).

Handmade in Singapore.