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Gift Set

Gift yourself or someone special with this pampering kit of AIS Cosmetics hand cream, SPEAK lip balm and Sha & Sha peel-off nail polish. Bundled with one of Hajira Handmade's pouch made from Japanese cotton, you can now carry your favourite clean, halal beauty items on the go!

Choose from 2 types of bundles with your selected pouch design.

Bundle 1 : AIS Cosmetics hand cream with pouch

Bundle 2 : AIS Cosmetics hand cream, SPEAK lip balm, Sha & Sha peel-off nail polish with pouch

Pouch dimensions : 22.5cm (W) by 15.5cm (H)

Care instructions : Hand wash with mild detergent or place pouch in a laundry bag for a quick machine wash. Hang dry flat.