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Dear Mum Gift Set

Celebrate Mothers' Day and surprise mum with our curated gift set in collaboration with Hajira Handmade! With mum's well-being in mind, we hope our Queen will love these self-care goodies.

Each kit comes in a complimentary gift box. To include a handwritten note, kindly leave your personalised message (max. 30 words) in the notes section on the checkout page.

Gift Set I

  • 1 x Hajira Handmade embroidery artwork
  • 1 x MAIA Botanicals Soaking Salts
  • 1 x Momohime Premium Body Milk
  • 1 x Oasis Skin Oval Paddle Bamboo Hair Brush

Relieve tired, aching feet in a warm, aromatic bath is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. MAIA Botanicals soaking salts are a combination of two different salts, that detoxify and help muscles relax, combined with an uplifting blend of essential oils and a generous addition of dried florals - rose, jasmine and osmanthus to offer a complete spa-like experience.

Infused with selected botanical extracts and oils, Momohime premium body milk will help to hydrate dry skin and provide the much needed moisturisation it needs. Its light texture is absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving any sticky feeling. Its soothing peach scent will leave you feeling relaxed and moisturised.

The Oasis Skin bamboo hair brush features smooth bamboo bristles to gently massage the scalp, increase blood circulation and enhance the overall volume of the hair. It also reduces static and aids in gentle detangling. 

Gift Set II

  • 1 x Hajira Handmade embroidery artwork
  • 1 x The Verdant Lab White Tea & Freesia body wash
  • 1 x Hush Candle Lemongrass Rosemary candle

Pamper mum with the floral accords of Freesia and warm musk in The Verdant Lab luxurious Hand & Body Wash. It contains Vitamin B3 which soften signs of ageing on skin and rejuvenate dull skin. Infused with Aloe Vera Extract, it calms inflammation and prevents tyrosinase synthesis, suppressing UV-induced hyperpigmentation. As an everyday body wash, it's perfect for both the start and the end of day. 

Enjoy a classic Lemongrass scent with a refreshing twist with Hush Candle Lemongrass Rosemary candle. Rosemary adds an awakening, herbaceous twist to the blend, toning down on the sharpness and acidity of Lemongrass. The result? A zesty fresh spa-like heaven. Light this candle on hot sunny days to set the mood for summer.