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Sleep Better with our product picks

The Salve Co.Better Sleep Salve

A warm and aromatic salve, crafted to calm a busy mind. A touch of all natural luxury to your bedtime routine. Use before bedtime, apply to pulse points and gently massage in.


Soul Good Project Dream Haven Sleep Mist

A sleep-inducing spray infused with lavender and a blend of essential oils for a good night’s sleep. Spray onto pillow or bed cover before sleep.


Ollie Himalayan Lavender Oil

Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser in the room or place a few drops onto
your pillow before sleeping.


Souf Soothing Lavender Pillow

A hand made pillow, with all-natural fillings to provide mental and physical relief. Pillows can be use as heat or cold therapy. Simply put over your eyes for a more restful sleep!