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Period Care

Whether you're looking for something to ease the cramps or sanitary care options, we've got you covered!⁠

From the menstrual cups to the reusable cloth pads and comfy pillows, we understand the need to feel comfortable during that time of the month. Products that will irritate the skin is just a NO-NO. ⁠

If you're using disposable or reusable pads, choose organic cotton material, fragrance-free, plastic-free & chemical-free options to prevent skin irritation. We recommend a feminine wash that is specifically formulated for intimate areas, instead of regular soap and body wash. ⁠

Snuggle with a nice warm lavender pillow or rub on natural salve to alleviate cramps and make you feel more calm and comfortable!⁠

Discover the range of period care on our website and in-store.⁠


Period Care Bundle A

  • 1 box of BOBBLE Pantyliners
  • 1 box of BOBBLE Day Pad
  • 1 Ecobar prebiotic feminine wash

Period Care Bundle B

  • 1 box of BOBBLE Day Pad
  • 1 Ecobar prebiotic feminine wash
  • 1 The Salve Co. period salve


Hannahpad cloth pads are reusable pads that aims to help women experience a more comfortable menstrual cycle. Designed & manufactured in Korea.



BOBBLE is a new range of biodegradable, 100% organic cotton period products that are better for your body.


Freedom Cups

Freedom Cups aims to get a menstrual cup into the hands of as many women and girls as we can. They are the best option for the body, wallet, and planet.



An absolutely non-irritating cleanser made with naturally derived almond oil detergents, and no artificial fragrances. It's safe for daily use by females over the age of four.



Ecobar prebiotic feminine bar balances the skin microbiome, it can help prevent dryness, itchiness and infection in the intimate area.


The Salve Co.

A bright, herbaceous salve formulated to soothe your period pains and lift your mood. Allow the clear, citrusy scent to restore your inner calm during those pesky times of the month.



Souf lavender pillows are grain-filled pillows infused with organic lavender buds. Our pillows provide a natural alternative relief through its soothing lavender scent and calming deep touch pressure. Handcrafted in Singapore.